CR 48: Evaluation of the red light camera program and the owner onus legislation


Red light cameras were introduced in Victoria in August 1983, with the intention of reducing the number of accidents that result from motorists disobeying red traffic signals at signalised intersections. Accident data from 46 treated and 46 control sites from 1981 to 1986 were analysed. The analysis indicated that red-light camera use resulted in a reduction in the incidence of right angle accidents, and in the number of accident casualties. Legislation was introduced in March 1986 to place the onus for red light camera offences onto the vehicle owner. This legislation was intended to improve Police efficiency and therefore increase the number of red light cameras in operation. Data supplied by the Police indicated that these aims have been met, and that the owner onus legislation has had beneficial road safety effects.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): RTA - Victoria
Topics: Enforcement
Publication Date: 06/06/88