CR 56: Bicycle crashes in Western Australia, 1985–86 (1987)


A survey of bicycle crashes in Western Australia was carried out in 1985/86. The survey gathered questionnaires from 781 crash participants" hospitals in WA, representing about 40% of reported bicycle crashes (cyclists and motorists) contacted through the Police Department and or those resulting in hospital treatment. Analysis of the questionnaires reveals that crashes occur mainly at times of heavy traffic, and during daylight. Three quarters of cyclist crash victims are male, and high proportions are teenagers on school trips and young adults on work trips. Most bicycle/motor vehicle crashes occur at road intersections or where cyclists or drivers enter a road. Visibility obstructions are a significant factor in the latter. Injuries to limbs are the most common, followed by head injuries. Few respondents wore safety helmets, so their effectiveness in reducing head injury could not be assessed.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): Travers Morgan
Topics: Bicycle, Crash data
Publication Date: 01/09/87