OR 8: Frontal Impacts on Forward Control Vehicles


The report describes a series of nine barrier crash tests performed on behalf of the Federal Office of Road Safety to investigate frontal impacts on forward-control vehicles, or vans. Existing safety requirements for vans and current frontal impact protection standards in Australia and overseas are discussed as a background to the test programme. Two of these standards, Australian Design Rule (ADR) 1OB and United Nations" Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Regulation 33 were assessed in detail to help determine their suitability as a standard to be applied to vans. The report also considers the effect of bull-bars on occupant protection. Additional data gathered in the course of testing is presented but the relevance of these results to van safety is not discussed.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Other Report
Author(s): Harkness D
Topics: Vehicle design
Publication Date: 01/05/86