CR 23: Drink-driving countermeasures; a study of the Victorian system (1981)


In this study, a system analysis approach was used to describe and quantify the Drink-Driving Countermeasure System in Victoria, as it was in 1977. This approach involved a comprehensive description of the work carried out in the education publicity, legislative, enforcement, judicial and medical rehabilitation areas and of the interaction of the components of the system and the environmental constraints under which it functions. The study included a field survey which was conducted to identify the various activities with in the system. In addition, data were collected for various samples of drivers in order to achieve an understanding of their characteristics and progress through the system. This report contains information on how drivers entered the enforcement sub-system, their personal characteristics, blood alcohol concentration, prior conviction history, whether or not they were prosecuted and results of court hearings.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): J Hendtlass, I M Bock & M P Ryan
Topics: Alcohol, Enforcement
Publication Date: 01/09/81