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Transitional General Licence Reports Summary 2013–2014

Category of Trade Cargo Description Aggregated Volume Volume/Amount Type
Dry Bulk Alumina 807,857 MT
Dry Bulk Cement 336,674 MT
Dry Bulk Clinker 47,514 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 171,247 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 119,412 MT
Dry Bulk FlyAsh 9,407 MT
Dry Bulk Gypsum 525,820 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 1,880,805 MT
Dry Bulk Mineral Sands 428,226 MT
Dry Bulk Other 179,339 MT
Dry Bulk Sugar 102,203 MT
General Cargo Machinery 491 MT
General Cargo Other 1,138 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 134 MT
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 4,465,581 MT