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General Licence Reports Summary 2012–2013

Category of Trade Cargo Description Total Volume Volume/Amount Type
Container N/A 113,424 TEU
Dry Bulk Alumina 929,607 MT
Dry Bulk Cement 1,367,194 MT
Dry Bulk Clinker 121,326 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 812,957 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 344,879 MT
Dry Bulk Fly Ash 12,580 MT
Dry Bulk Gypsum 398,311 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 1,461,964 MT
Dry Bulk Limestone 1,892,280 MT
Dry Bulk Mineral Sands 22,351 MT
Dry Bulk Other 64,710 MT
Dry Bulk Super Phosphate 2,944 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 12,030 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 235 TEU
General Cargo 40ft Container 1,406 MT
General Cargo Beverages 378 MT
General Cargo Break Bulk 16,312 MT
General Cargo FoodStuffs 150,000 MT
General Cargo Livestock 71,553 Units
General Cargo Other 12,083 Cubic Metres
General Cargo Other 9,763 MT
General Cargo Reefer Cargo 5,339 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 1,639 Units
General Cargo RoRo 3,873 Square Metres
General Cargo RoRo 395,522 TEU
General Cargo RoRo 46,713 Units
General Cargo Water Tanks 1,055 KL
General Cargo Wool 1,846 Units
Passengers N/A 370,540 Pax