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Better reporting on Telstra delivery of voice services

The Government is proposing new carrier licence conditions on Telstra to improve its reporting on its delivery of voice services in regional and remote areas under the Universal Service Guarantee (USG).

Why we want your input

Voice services provided by Telstra under the USG are important to regional and remote consumers who place a high priority on access to reliable voice services. We want to know if you see value in the information that would be made available.

How you can voice your opinion

You can voice your opinion by reading the consultation draft and providing your views in writing to by 5:00 pm AEDT, Monday, 8 November 2021.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your feedback will inform advice to Government on whether to proceed with, or adjust, the proposed licence conditions.

The Issue

Proposed amendments to Telstra’s carrier licence conditions would require Telstra to improve its reporting of its delivery of voice services in regional and remote areas, where it continues to operate its own fixed line infrastructure. This would give the community greater information about how Telstra is performing.

Under the new conditions, set out in the attached consultation draft, Telstra would be required to report publicly every quarter on its performance at the local exchange level against key indicators, as well as provide even greater details to the Department and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The reporting would cover service availability, connection timeframes, faults and outages, repair timeframes, appointment timeframes, complaints and customer contact handling.

As well as data going forward, historical data from January 2019 onwards would also be back-captured to enable comparison over time.

Relevant Documentation

Published 8th Oct 2021

Download PDF (690.92 KB) Download DOC (271.4 KB)


Please email your submission to or send it to:

Universal Service Guarantee Taskforce
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
GPO Box 594
Canberra ACT 2601


08 Oct 2021 09:00 AEDT
08 Nov 2021 17:00 AEDT

We invite you to to tell us your views on this topic.

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All submissions to be made public need to meet the Digital Service Standard for accessibility. Any submission that does not meet this standard may be modified before being made public.

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