Free broadband initiative extended until April 2024

Extension of the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) will support educational opportunities and provide cost-of-living boost.

To narrow the digital divide and promote greater inclusion for disadvantaged families, the SSBI identifies eligible families through third-party nominating organisations who work with vulnerable communities.

Eligible families receive a voucher from a nominating organisation that they can use at a participating internet retail provider to receive 12 months of free internet. The 12 months of free service begins from the day the service is activated and is available across all NBN technologies.

To provide nominating organisations the best opportunity to offer this assistance amid the continuing cost of living pressures, the period for which families can be nominated for a free service has been extended until 30 April 2024.

NBN Co is leading the implementation of the initiative. To be eligible, a family must:

  • Have a child living at home that is enrolled in an Australian school.
  • Be referred by a nominating organisation.
  • Have no active broadband service over the NBN network (having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility).
  • Live in a premise where they can access a standard NBN service. 

Over recent months, a number of additional organisations across Australia have joined the SSBI to identify and nominate families who could benefit from free internet at home.

The SSBI has also reached a key connection milestone with over 1,500 families now connected – up from 1,000 in July 2023 – helping more students access educational opportunities..

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