Fighting SMS scams - consultation open

The department is seeking feedback on the type of SMS Sender ID Registry that should be introduced in Australia.

Scammers are known to use SMS with fake sender IDs to imitate trusted brands such as Australia Post or myGov, in order to deceive victims.

The department is seeking feedback on whether it should be mandatory or voluntary for all SMS alphanumeric sender IDs to be registered, to disrupt SMS impersonation scams.

Submissions which address the following questions are invited:

  • Have you, your organisation, or clients been targeted by SMS impersonation scams that used your alphanumeric sender ID(s)?
  • Do you support the introduction of a voluntary or mandatory SMS Sender ID Registry for alphanumeric sender IDs? Why?
  • What, if any, transition arrangements are required?

Alternatively, you can also fill out a quick 5-10 minute survey to share your thoughts.

The consultation is open until 20 March 2024.

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