2024–25 Federal Budget released

Find out more about infrastructure, transport, communications and the arts investment through the Federal Budget.

The 2024–25 Budget is supporting infrastructure, transport, regional development, communications and the arts.

The Australian Government has outlined a series of measures to help keep Australians connected, safe and informed, including:

  • $16.5 billion for road and rail projects that connect communities and support future growth
  • An additional $1 billion for supporting enabling infrastructure for housing
  • $249.7 million to revitalise the Australian Institute of Sport
  • $158 million to develop business cases for nationally significant infrastructure projects
  • A $90 million boost to improve safety at regional and remote airports
  • $20.9 million to support the development of a low-carbon liquid fuels industry to reduce transport emissions
  • An additional $48 million to improve First Nations digital inclusion, building on $20 million announced in February
  • $12.4 million to better crack down on scams
  • $8.6 million to support live music venues and music festivals
  • $14.5 million for the production of Australian children’s screen content
  • $115.2 million for Australia’s national arts training organisations

For more information on the 2024–25 Federal Budget visit budget.gov.au.

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