CR 146: Vehicle Travel Speeds and the incidence of Fatal Pedestrian Collisions (Volume 1)


The aim of this study by the NHMRC Road Accident Research unit was to estimate the likely effect on pedestrian fatalities of a reduction in vehicle travelling speed. Results were based on detailed investigations of 176 fatal pedestrian collisions in the Adelaide area between 1983 and 1991. Estimates were developed for a range of speed reduction scenarios. The study found that a reduction of 5 km/h in vehicle travelling speeds in the Adelaide area could be expected to result in a reduction of 30% of the incidence of fatal pedestrian collisions. Under this scenario 10% of the collisions would have been avoided altogether. Volume 1 of this report contains detailed findings for each speed reduction scenario along with a description of the method used and supporting references. Volume ll contains the details of all 176 cases.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): McLean AJ, Anderson RW, Farmer MJB, Lee BH, Brooks CG
Topics: Fatality, Pedestrian, Speed
Publication Date: 01/10/94