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International airline licences – maintaining licence status

Compliance Declaration Form

International Airline Licence (IAL) holders are required to comply with a simple self-assessment audit scheme to maintain their IAL and continue conducting scheduled international air services to and from Australia.

In order to comply, IAL holders must download, complete and lodge a Compliance Declaration Form (CDF) with the department every six (6) months, declaring their compliance with licence conditions.

To simplify the system for airlines, this declaration has been aligned with the existing requirements to lodge timetable approvals.

Departmental Audit

To further improve the Australian Government's oversight of the International Airline Licence (IAL) system, the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (the Secretary) will write to IAL holders on occasion requiring the licence holder to provide evidence that they are complying with licence conditions.

Failure to provide either a declaration of compliance or evidence of compliance at the Secretary's request may result in the suspension or cancellation of an IAL.

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