Review of Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety Legislation—Phase 1

An independent expert panel is reviewing Australia's Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety legislation, including costs and charging arrangements.

Why we want your input

The Independent Review Panel is seeking feedback on whether Australia's legal framework regulating the safety of domestic commercial vessels is fit for purpose.

How you can voice your opinion

Email your submission by 30 March 2022. A consultation aid is available below.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your submission will help inform phase one of the review, including a Draft Interim Safety Report and a Final Safety Report.

The Issue

Australia's diverse maritime industries include tourism, transport and fishing operations. These businesses are especially important in our coastal and regional communities, as well as to the whole Australian economy. The Australian Government is committed to having an effective system of safety regulation for vessels and seafarers across these industries.

There have been a number of recent inquiries into maritime safety regulation. In response to the Inquiry into the Performance of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), the Government has committed to an independent review of the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety (National System) and the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012 (National Law). View the Terms of Reference for the independent review.

The National System is Australia's national regulatory framework to ensure the safe design, construction, equipping, crewing and operation of commercial, government and research vessels operating in Australian waters. Since mid-2018, the National System has been delivered by AMSA under National Law and related legislative instruments.

The review will be conducted in two phases, with the first to focus on the National Law framework (Phase 1) and the second to consider national system delivery costs and future funding options (Phase 2). This have your say is for Phase 1.

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