Remaking Jervis Bay Territory Rural Fires Rule 2014

We want to hear from interested parties on the draft Jervis Bay Territory Rural Fires Rules 2024 (the draft Rules). The draft Rules will substantially replace the Jervis Bay Territory Rural Fires Rule 2014, which sunset on 1 October 2024.

Why we want your input

We want your input and knowledge to ensure the draft Rules support the legislative framework for fire management in Jervis Bay Territory.

How you can voice your opinion

You can submit responses to this consultation up until 2 February 2024, by uploading your submission here or by emailing it to Interested parties should refer to the draft Explanatory Statement and fact sheet which have been released alongside the draft Rules, to assist with consideration of the instrument.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your comments will help us determine whether the draft Rules are fit-for-purpose and support the overall Jervis Bay Territory fire management framework.

The Issue

The existing Rules commenced on 1 May 2014 and sunset on 1 October 2024. Sunsetting is an automatic repeal of instruments after a fixed period. This sunset mechanism triggers a review of the Rules and an opportunity to remake the Rules so they remain fit-for-purpose.

The Rules support the Jervis Bay Territory Rural Fire Ordinance 2014 (the Ordinance). The Ordinance and Rules together provide the legislative framework for fire management services to the Jervis Bay Territory (JBT). The Ordinance establishes the JBT Rural Fire Service, the JBT Fire Management Committee (FMC) and deals with other matters relating to bushfire prevention, such as preparation of JBT Bush Fire Management Plans and issuing of notices and fire permits. The Rules provide requirements about these matters, including membership, conduct and discipline of JBT Rural Fire Service members, such as the rural fire brigades in JBT, and administration of bravery and long service awards.

The draft Rules were developed following an initial round of public consultation between 13 July and 11 August 2023.

Relevant documentation

You can view the current 2014 Rules here: Jervis Bay Territory Rural Fire Rule 2014  (this is a link to Federal Register of Legislative Instruments)


14 Dec 2023 12:56 AEDT
02 Feb 2024 23:59 AEDT
This consultation is closed.