Optimism Bias, Risk Utility and Risk Taking on the Road

The aims of the study were to determine the role of optimism bias and risk utility in risk taking on the road, test the egocentrism account of optimism bias and the effects of vehicle insurance on optimism bias.

  1. Optimism bias appears to be related to risk taking in road users. Reductions in optimism bias (including driver over-confidence) are likely to be of value to road safety.
  2. Over-confidence on driving skills may be reduced by providing relevant target statistical data and risk information.
  3. Encouraging drivers to consider the advantages and precautions of other drivers should reduce egocentrism and optimism bias.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Author(s): Soames Job, Lee & Prabhakar
Topics: Risk, Young drivers
Publication Date: 01/01/93