New laws improve access to voice and broadband services

The Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Consumer Safeguards and Other Measures) Act 2023 gives Australians greater certainty about telecommunications access.

The new legislation, passed by the Federal Parliament, makes a number of changes to telecommunications consumer safeguards to make them more effective. 

Changes to the Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) regime ensure Australians can access high-speed broadband wherever they live and work.

The SIP regime also now provides greater certainty to consumers where their current SIP chooses to stop offering services. The SIP will be required to provide sufficient notice to NBN Co which, as the default SIP for Australia, will then have time to provide alternative infrastructure for consumers.

The new legislation also:

  • provides that private networks that service new developments will be subject to SIP obligations
  • makes clear the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's role in resolving disputes about service connections
  • provides important new powers for the Australian Communications and Media Authority to enforce protections.

The Australian Government consulted with industry, consumer and government representatives on an exposure draft of the bill in late 2022.

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