National principles agreed for improved mobile connectivity and coverage

When implemented by states and territories, the principles will ensure larger telecommunications infrastructure is included in planning for new developments and growth areas.

A report prepared by the Mobile Telecommunications Working Group outlines national principles to support streamlined telecommunications planning arrangements to improve mobile connectivity in new developments and growth areas.

The Working Group was tasked with providing advice on a way forward for a coherent national framework for prioritising planning and approvals for deploying larger communications infrastructure, such as poles and towers, that enable mobile services in these areas.

The national principles set the scene for all levels of government to put in place streamlined arrangements providing national consistency for deployments of larger mobile communications infrastructure in rapidly growing communities.

Where mobile coverage is not included in the design of new developments or expanding suburbs, there will be diminished digital connectivity and inclusion outcomes for residents in those areas. The impacts of this are wide ranging for communities.

For Australians the implementation of the national principles in state and territory planning arrangements can provide an incentive for mobile network operators to rollout earlier in these communities.

The Report notes options for further action by government, which will require detailed consideration and consultation before implementation. These options are in addition to changes to the Telecommunications in New Developments policy announced by Minister Rowland in February 2024.

For more information about the Mobile Telecommunications Working Group and the principles outlined in the Report, visit: Improving Mobile Connectivity.

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