Have your say on fuel efficiency standards

We are helping Australians access more modern light vehicles that are cleaner and cheaper to run and seeking feedback on an Australian fuel efficiency standard to help make this happen.

Fuel efficiency standards apply to over eighty-five per cent of all cars sold in the world with Australia being one of the few industrialised countries not to have this mandated.

A fuel efficiency standard will ensure more low and zero-emissions cars come to Australia by requiring car manufacturers to meet an average emissions target for the cars they sell. A standard will also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

In other countries with fuel efficiency standards, manufacturers that sell heavier vehicles, like utes and 4WDs, have a higher emissions target. This means they keep selling these vehicles for those who need them, while increasing consumer choice for those wanting to buy an EV or low emissions car.

We want to hear your views on how best to design fuel efficiency standards in Australia to meet industry and consumer needs now and into the future.

Visit our have your say page and submit your views by 31 May 2023.

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