Grants open to support regional and local newspapers

Applications are now open for the Australian Government's $15 million Regional and Local Newspaper Publishers Program.

The program will deliver support to eligible print publishers by helping them to absorb newsprint price increases, which threaten the sustainability of newspapers and journalism jobs across Australia.

Under the program, $10 million will be reserved for eligible regional newspaper publishers, and $5 million for independent suburban, First Nations and multicultural newspaper publishers.

The Publishers Program sits within the Australian Government's broader package of $29 million to sustain and support regional, local and community media providers.

This $29 million package includes $12 million to support community broadcasting and a commitment to the development of a News Media Assistance Program to secure the evidence base needed to inform news media policy intervention in Australia and formulate measures to support public interest journalism and media diversity.

The Publishers Program will ensure Australian media providers continue to source and deliver high quality news and journalism.

Grant guidelines were established after a period of targeted consultation with stakeholders.

Applications will be open from 7am Monday 1 August 2022 until 5pm AEST 19 August 2022.

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