Providing feedback on services to the Indian Ocean Territories

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Engagement about the delivery of services to Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is important to community members and the Australian and Western Australian Governments.

Community Feedback Form

A Community Feedback Form, which enables community members to share their views or seek further information, is available below:

Downloadable PDF form

On-line form

Paper form

  • Available from all offices of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities on island:
    • Indian Ocean Territories Administration (IOTA);
    • Indian Ocean Territories Health Service (IOTHS); and
    • Indian Ocean Territories Power Services (IOTPS).

The Western Australian Government and third party service providers also have feedback arrangements in place. Where the service is delivered by the WA Government, community members are encouraged to contact the relevant agency in the first instance. Where the department receives feedback concerning a service delivered by another party, it will seek advice from that party.

Providing feedback

Access a form

The feedback form is available on-line and at the front desks of IOTA, IOTHS and IOTPS.

Submit a Form

Community members complete the form online, which is automatically sent to the department, or the paper form which can be:

Attn: General Manager
Indian Ocean Territories Branch—Community Feedback
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
GPO Box 594

Once the form is received, it is registered into a database and a response is prepared.

Responses will be provided within 20 business days from the date of receipt of the form.

If a form requires translation, the 20 day response period does not commence until the English version is provided to the Department.

Preparation of Response

If the correspondence relates to services provided by a third party, the department will forward it to that third party for response. Timing for completion of the response will be extended by an additional 20 business days to allow for receipt of advice.


The response is provided to the community member via email or hard copy, as appropriate.

If the feedback form required translation into English, the response will be translated into the original language before being sent to the community member.

Follow Up

All feedback is regularly reviewed to identify emerging issues. Where appropriate, services or processes may be amended.