Innovation to Create More Liveable Australian Cities

Sponsored by Optus Business

About the sponsor

Optus logoOptus Business is the business navigator driving innovation and thought leadership and helping local governments deliver smart city solutions that ultimately improve citizen experiences. Leveraging our heritage in providing leading telecommunications and ICT solutions, Optus Business is developing humanistic customer centric solutions to deliver business outcomes.

Liveable Australian Cities Award

Cities and communities today face complex challenges to positively impact the lives of citizens and to transform public services to a customer focus. The concept of “smart cities” is a response to these challenges.

Optus Business recognises that local governments make a significant contribution to addressing citizen's needs regarding engagement and connectivity through mobile and social networking platforms. Rapid urbanization, demographic changes and the heightened awareness of safety and security is driving a need for better and more efficient urban services.

This award recognises local governments that plan and deliver a customer centric suite of solutions to their citizens that embrace community feedback and deliver outcomes that enable everyday life.

For this award, you could enter projects which involve:

  • providing services that connect the community and enable citizen feedback mechanisms;
  • delivering a suite of solutions to strengthen safety and security within the community;
  • creating applications that leverage available data feeds and provide new information services;
  • implementing a holistic WiFi capability that integrates community with external services e.g.: retail;
  • providing smart lighting and/or smart waste services to improve efficiencies;
  • light up the community with Digital Signage and Way-Finding for tourists and visitors;
  • creating a living lab environment to foster innovation in the entrepreneur and development community;
  • opening up data feeds for start-up application development; and/or
  • running hackathons or data type programmes to foster innovation and excite the community.