User registration for the National Relay Service is coming

You will soon need to register to continue to use the National Relay Service (NRS) to make calls.

In 2017, the Government announced it would introduce registration for people who use the National Relay Service (NRS) to make calls.

Introducing compulsory registration to access the NRS will make sure it is available and resourced for those with a genuine need to use the service.

It follows our 2016 consultation about the future of the NRS.

As the NRS is in its second year with the current provider, Concentrix, it is approaching the planned introduction of registration requirements.

Registering will be easy and you will only need to do it once. It will contribute to the continuous improvement of the NRS by:

  • allowing the Australian Government to contact users of the NRS as part of future consultations to make sure your views are heard
  • helping to prevent non-genuine use of the service, including those who misuse it to participate in scams and fraud, and
  • providing accurate information about how many people use the service, and how they use it.

More details will be provided shortly, including step-by-step instructions on how to register, how long it will take to sign up and when you will need to register by to continue to access the NRS.

To register, you will need to provide basic personal information, an ID check and confirmation that you need to use the service. This information will only need to be provided once and will be kept securely.

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