What is the Government doing?

The Government is introducing a Fuel Efficiency (CO2) Standard. Fuel efficiency standards are common around the world to encourage vehicle suppliers to sell cleaner cars. Fuel efficiency standards help by:

  • reducing transport emissions, improving the air that you and your family breathe
  • giving you more choice about the cars that you can buy
  • saving you money at the petrol pump.

Most developed countries around the world have introduced fuel efficiency standards. Australia is being left behind, because it has not introduced a fuel efficiency standard.

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How can I have my say?

On 19 April, the Australian Government published a detailed consultation paper which sought input on how an Australian fuel efficiency standard should be designed. This paper is available on the Fuel Efficiency Standard—Cleaner and Cheaper-to-run Cars for Australia consultation page.

Submissions closed 31 May 2023.

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