Modern, Cheaper-to-Run Cars Awareness Campaign

We have launched the Modern, Cheaper-to-Run Cars Awareness Campaign to raise awareness of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard in Australia.

Earlier this year, the Australian Government introduced legislation to establish a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard.

A New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will deliver more choice of fuel-efficient cars, save drivers money at the petrol pump and reduce transport emissions, by incentivising car manufacturers to supply cleaner and cheaper-to-run cars.

A Standard will bring Australia in line with the majority of global light vehicle markets and mean Australians will have greater access to more fuel-efficient vehicles, including petrol, diesel and lower emission cars, such as hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric.

The national awareness raising campaign will appear on Australian television, radio, social media and out-of-home in places such as on billboards and in petrol stations.

Watch our television advertisement below.

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