Have your say on a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard for Australia

We have released our New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Consultation Impact Analysis and are encouraging you to have your say on the proposed standard.

As part our consultation process, we're seeking your views on the proposed design for an Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard. Your feedback will be used to inform draft legislation to Parliament.

A New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will apply to new light vehicles—like cars, SUVs, utes and vans. It does not apply to existing or used vehicles. Car companies are required to supply new vehicles that meet average emissions per kilometre targets. These can be balanced out among different vehicles and vehicle suppliers, and balanced out over time.

Implementing a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard in Australia will help reduce transport emissions and improve the supply of low and zero emissions vehicles available to buy.

A New Vehicle Efficiency Standard can also help to:

  • increase the range of cars on the market and access to new technologies
  • save Australians money at the petrol station
  • reduce the environmental impacts of cars, including carbon emissions.

Consultation on Australia's New Vehicle Efficiency Standard closes at 11:59pm on Monday 4 March 2024. To make a submission visit our Have Your Say page.

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