Predictive Models for Road Crashes at Intersections


This report deals with the development of appropriate predictive models for crashes at intersections capable of being used in planning purposes. It begins with a brief review of past studies into the relationship between crashes at intersections and traffic flow. All crashes occurring between 1988-1991 at 115 signalised intersections and 10 roundabouts in metropolitan Adelaide are assembled in a database. Summary descriptive statistics are provided showing the proportion of crashes by the main crash types. Comparison between the crash situations at signalised intersections in Adelaide and Perth (WA) is provided in tabular form. Cross-sectional study providing a comparison between the crash situation at roundabouts and signalised intersections with similar traffic flow is presented.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Author(s): Affum, Taylor & D"Este
Topics: Methodology, Statistics
Publication Date: 01/01/94