CR 20: A review of rural speed limits in Australia (1980)


The National Road Traffic Code is being reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Road User Performance and Traffic Codes (ACRUFTC), and during 1978/79 an assessment of speed limit provisions in the Code was undertaken. The present study was originally performed to contribute to the ACRUPTC review, but it has been subsequently updated to include the changes, which were made in late 1979 to the Code provisions and to State and Territory practice. The study has concentrated upon rural speed limits, as the main differences between Code provisions and Australian practice are in this area. The study therefore examines local and overseas information on rural free speeds and speed limits in relation to road traffic safety; this includes recent Australian speed data obtained from the national survey carried out in 1978/79 under the co-ordination of ACRUPTC. The report recommends options for absolute and differential speed limits for Australian rural roads.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): J E Cowley
Topics: Rural, Speed, Traffic management
Publication Date: 01/01/80