Australian 5G Innovation Initiative Round 2 Consultation

We are seeking input on the design of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines for the second round of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative. We’re improving the process for grant applications under Round 2 of the 5G Innovation Initiative.

Why we want your input

The grant opportunity guidelines will be changing to make the application process simpler and clearer. We’ve also made some changes to the length of projects and funding has been set aside for projects in Western Sydney. We’re seeking your views to identify ways the guidelines can encourage high quality projects from a range of sectors and businesses.

How you can voice your opinion

Read the draft grant opportunity guidelines and upload your submission by 14 January 2022.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Submissions will inform the final design of the grant opportunity guidelines for Round 2 of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative.

The Issue

The second round of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative will build on the results of Round 1, aiming to create a pipeline of trials demonstrating different 5G applications. The trials will include rigorous and replicable testing of technologies that make use of 5G. Through the program, we’re aiming to develop Australia’s 5G ecosystem and drive productivity growth.

The Initiative directly supports the Government’s Digital Economy Strategy and will contribute to Australia’s goal of becoming a leading digital economy and society by 2030. A further $20 million in funding has been invested into Round 2.

We’re seeking views from stakeholders and other interested parties to identify ways the guidelines can best encourage high quality applications from a range of sectors and businesses.

Feedback will inform the design of the final grant opportunity guidelines for Round 2 of the Initiative. We’re specifically interested in your views of:

  • the assessment criteria, which has been restructured and edited into simpler language
  • the inclusion of a 20 per cent cash co-contribution requirement
  • the proposed maximum project period of up to 24 months
  • increasing the application period to 10 weeks
  • the inclusion of the project and evaluation plan information in the guideline appendices
  • any other views you have regarding the draft guidelines.

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14 Dec 2021 11:00 AEDT
14 Jan 2022 18:00 AEDT

We invite you to to tell us your views on this topic.

Please include:

  • contact name
  • organisation name, if applicable
  • contact details, including telephone number, postal and email addresses
  • confirmation whether or not your submission can be made public—published—or kept confidential.

All submissions to be made public need to meet the Digital Service Standard for accessibility. Any submission that does not meet this standard may be modified before being made public.

Privacy notice

The Ddepartment is collecting personal information for the purposes of public consultation on the grant opportunity guidelines for round 2 of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

The department will use your personal information to inform the round 2 guidelines and will store this information securely. The department may also use your personal information to contact you regarding your submission, the outcomes of the consultation or release of the final round 2 grant opportunity guidelines.

The department’s privacy policy contains information regarding complaint handling processes and how to access and/or seek correction of personal information held by the department. The Privacy Officer can be contacted by email at

If your submission is to be made public, please ensure you do not include any personal information that you don't want to be published.

If your submission is confidential, please ensure each page of the submission is marked as confidential.

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This consultation is closed.

Alternatively send it to:

Director Emerging Technology Section
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