Scoping Study of Mobile Phone use while driving

A national scoping study into mobile phone use while driving across Australia has been completed and the report can be downloaded from the link below. The researchers noted that the use of mobile phones and other mobile technologies has been increasing, and that the effects on driver distraction are of concern. At present, the available evidence regarding mobile phone use in crashes is limited. While hand-held mobile phone use is illegal in Australia, the use of legal hands-free systems in cars may also be contributing to crash risk. There is potential for automated enforcement to be explored, as well as technology which may reduce or block the use of mobile phones in vehicles, and these potential solutions need further development.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Author(s): M King, M Legge, O Ovideo-Trespalacios, M Regan, A Rakotonirainy

Topics: Distraction, Mobile phone, Road

Publication Date: 30/06/17