Monograph 21: Road behaviour of unlicensed motorists involved in fatal crashes

Australian roads feature a disturbingly high incidence of unlicensed driving, and crashes involving these motorists make a significant contribution to Australia's road casualty statistics, including about one in every eleven road fatalities.

Monograph 20 of this series examined the incidence of unlicensed motorists in fatal crashes. It showed the worst offenders to be motor cycle riders, males, those aged below 25, the unemployed, and those travelling in remote regions and in the Northern Territory. Monograph 21 examines the road behaviour of unlicensed motorists involved in fatal crashes. It is based on information derived from coroners records about fatal crashes in 1992 and 1994.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Pre-ATSB (FORS) Monograph
Topics: Fatality
Publication Date: 15/06/97