CR 40: The interaction between alcohol and marijuana (1986)

A study to examine the dose-dependency of the effects of alcohol and marijuana alone and in combination on a battery of tests of human psychomotor performance and mood is reported. Four dosage conditions for each drug were employed and all of the possible combinations of these dosage conditions examined. Both drugs produced significant dose-dependant effects on performance measures, intoxication ratings and on some of the mood scales. Both quantitative and qualitative differences between the two drugs were apparent. By far the major drug effects on the tests were those of alcohol. The effects of the two drugs when taken together were essentially additive, although evidence indicated that the lowest dose of marijuana produced a degree of antagonism of the effects of alcohol.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): G Chesher et al

Topics: Alcohol, Drugs

Publication Date: 01/07/86