CR 38: Hazardous road locations: procedural guidelines (1985)

This project was commissioned to determine a practical and effective procedurefor identifying and ranking of hazardous road locations. The ProceduralGuidelines specify Identification Investigation and Programme Implementationphases but concentrate on the identification and programme implementation phases as the majority of authorities have established investigation procedures. The identification procedure for intersections is based on the 'casualty accident rate being significantly greater than the system average' and that for road sections is based on the 'casualty accident number related to distance being significantly greater than the system average'. The programme implementation is based on a ranking by benefit-cost ratio related to implementation cost so that for a fixed implementation budget the number of locations and the overall benefit-cost ratio are readily determined.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): J T Sanderson et al

Topics: Road

Publication Date: 01/07/85