Scoping study on tech take up in the construction sector

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council (the Council) has today released the Construction Expert Working Group’s scoping study into opportunities and barriers for the take up of tech in the construction sector.

The study indicates that digital maturity is fragmented and take up of digital technologies varies significantly across industry segments and between tier 1 and 2 firms and small business.  

The scoping study identified 4 key challenges to the take up of Construction Tech:

  1. Workflow and Value Chain: the adoption of Construction Tech has often been piecemeal and tended to resolve specific issues experienced by firms/industry participants rather than creating integrated technology stacks or platforms.
  2. Technology Adoption and Gaps: there isn’t always strong awareness of how Construction Tech can be applied to deliver efficiencies both within a firm and across the supply chain more generally, and where the gaps are in technology adoption.
  3. Skills and Training: participants in the construction industry often have limited exposure to technology during their education or on the job experiences, unless they pursue specific technology skill pathways.
  4. Investment and Collaboration: in comparison to the size and relevance of the construction industry to the Australian economy, investment in technology is relatively low, and determining a strong business case for adoption of technology remains a challenge.

The Working Group will now explore new ways to better prepare for the future of technology in the industry. Their recommendations to the Council are expected later this year.

Read the Construction Expert Working Group scoping study.

About the Australian Broadband Advisory Council

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council (the Council) was established in July 2020 to provide advice to the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts on ways to maximise the benefits of high speed networks in key sectors of the economy.

The Council is working to explore and promote ways the NBN and other high-speed networks can be used to lift Australia's economic output and the welfare of Australians more generally. The Council's work includes identifying opportunities and barriers to realising the full potential of high speed networks and developing strategies to support Australians and Australian businesses as they recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Expert Working Groups have been established in the areas of agriculture, construction, creative industry and health.

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