Consultation begins on anti-siphoning scheme and list

The consultation will examine the regulations that seek to ensure that Australians continue to have the opportunity to enjoy free coverage of events of national significance.

The scheme prevents subscription television broadcasters from acquiring the right to televise an event on the anti-siphoning list unless a free-to-air television broadcaster has a right.

The review will assess the operation of the scheme in a contemporary media environment. The consultation paper outlines a number of issues for consideration, including:

  • the policy objective of providing free access to televised coverage of important events and the mechanism to achieve it (currently the scheme and list)
  • the potential application of the scheme to new media, such as streaming services
  • the use and disposal of rights to televise events on the list
  • the composition of the list (the events that should be included on the list).  

Since the scheme commenced in 1994, technology and the viewing habits of Australians have evolved and newer technologies, including streaming services, are not subject to the scheme.

The review will examine these and other trends and whether the scheme remains fit-for-purpose and supports access to iconic events free of charge. 

The review is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to media reform and this consultation process will help to inform the development of a new list, with the current one expiring in April 2023.

Consultation closes on Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

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