Anti-siphoning scheme review

We’re seeking feedback on the anti-siphoning scheme and list which operates to support the televising of events of national importance and cultural significance, including sporting events, on free-to-air television.

Why we want your input

The media landscape has changed significantly since the anti-siphoning scheme was introduced in 1994. This review will consider the anti-siphoning scheme and the events on the list in the context of the modern media environment.

How you can voice your opinion

Click on the ‘Have your say’ button below to provide your input to the review. You can do this in two ways: provide a short comment; and / or make a ‘formal submission’. All submissions (other than private submissions) will be published on the website. Comments will not be published but will inform the review process in the same manner as submissions.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Comments and submissions will inform the Government’s consideration of reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme and list.

The Issue

The Albanese Government committed to review the anti-siphoning scheme in the context of the 2022 Federal Election.

The anti-siphoning scheme—set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992—prevents subscription television broadcasters from acquiring the right to televise an event on the anti-siphoning list until a free-to-air television broadcaster has acquired a right.

The scheme seeks to increase the likelihood of free televised coverage of nationally important and culturally significant events, such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, AFL, Rugby League, Tennis, Cricket and Melbourne Cup.

The current anti-siphoning list expires on 1 April 2023. For the anti-siphoning scheme to continue to operate, a new list will need to be made before this date.

We're seeking feedback on a number of issues, including:

  • the policy objective of providing free access to televised coverage of important events and the mechanism to achieve it (currently the scheme and list);
  • the potential application of the scheme to new media, such as streaming services;
  • the use and disposal of rights to televise events on the list; and
  • the composition of the list (the events that should be included on the list).

For more information about the anti-siphoning scheme and list, visit our anti-siphoning webpage.

Relevant documentation

Please contact the department if you would like an accessible copy of the consultation paper at


The review of the anti-siphoning scheme was open to submissions from 11 October to 6 December 2022. Public submissions are available below.

Comments received by individuals were generally supportive of free coverage of major sporting events and the continuation of the anti-siphoning scheme. Many requested the addition of more sports on the anti-siphoning list, including events featuring national representative teams regardless of where events were played. While comments were generally supportive of sporting events being shown on free-to-air television, a number suggested that ‘free to access’ was more important as people increasingly utilise online services. Other comments suggested the introduction of a second tier of events, which would be broadcast by subscription services.

In March 2023, the Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP, remade the anti-siphoning list—Broadcasting Services (Events) Notice 2023—for an interim period of three years with no material change. The interim list will provide stability for industry and audiences while the Government develops and progresses broader reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme.

A copy of the anti-siphoning list, along with the Explanatory Statement, is available at:


11 Oct 2022 00:00 AEDT
06 Dec 2022 17:00 AEDT

You can provide input to the review by:

All submissions (other than private submissions) will be published on the website. Comments will not be published but will inform the review process in the same manner as submissions.

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This consultation is closed.

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Review of the anti-siphoning scheme

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