Access to free coverage of iconic events continues

The Australian Government has remade the anti-siphoning list for a period of 3 years as it progresses broader reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme.

The interim list—the Broadcasting Services (Events) Notice 2023—makes no substantive changes to the previous list, providing stability for industry and audiences in terms of the regulation of sports broadcast rights.

The ability to access free coverage of iconic sporting events is a defining feature of the Australian media landscape.

The anti-siphoning scheme provides free-to-air broadcasters with an initial opportunity to buy the television rights to major events included on the list. However, as technologies and consumer preferences evolve, so too must the scheme.

The Government initiated a review of the scheme and list in October 2022, giving effect to its election commitment to do so.

A wide range of views and perspectives were aired through the public consultation process, with the key theme being the growing coverage of sporting events online and the potential extension of the scheme to streaming services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

The Government is now moving to the next phase of the review, and will engage further with stakeholders over the course of the year.
Further information about the review of the anti-siphoning scheme can be found at:

The new list can be found at the Anti-siphoning page.

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