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What do our Graduates have to say?

Here at the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Graduates undertake three workplace rotations designed to develop key capabilities and offer a well-informed set of meaningful Departmental experiences. Rotation placements are determined through an Expression of Interest and preference process therefore are based on your individual interests coupled with current organisational requirements. This strategic approach has proved to offer graduates a challenging experience and meaningful work opportunities.

Workplace rotations vary significantly and could see you:

  • helping to set the course for Australia's digital future
  • developing policy that supports and protects our cultural heritage
  • regulating airports
  • implementing the Smart Cities Plan
  • developing policy for broadband, open data and media
  • working on the development of the Inland Rail or Western Sydney International (Nancy-bird) Airport
  • supporting regional development and local communities around Australia

No matter the rotation you are sure to take part in exciting, rewarding and challenging experiences that will prepare you for your future careers in the APS.

Hear from some of our past Graduates below about their time on the Graduate Development Program and why Infrastructure is the place for you.

Day in the life

Graduate testimonials

“The 2020 Graduate Development Program with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications provided me with valuable learning opportunities, an important foundation of public service knowledge and a great network of friends and mentors. I was fortunate to be relocated from Brisbane to Canberra to undertake the program. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Canberra, even from the other side of a laptop screen once COVID-19 hit. My three rotations were so unique and each provided me with great development opportunities to further my public service career. I have countless networking contacts right across the Department and the broad range or portfolio matters we look after means no two days are the same. I have found the Department to be a very flexible and friendly place to work and would highly recommend its Graduate program to students considering the public service or older graduates seeking a challenge.”

  • Samantha Edwards

“I joined the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication's Graduate Development Program because I wanted to see the tangible impacts of my work. Upon entering the program, I was surprised to find how much choice I was given over how I progressed. Graduates are encouraged, then supported to try new things and expand their horizons across an unparalleled variety of potential workspaces. In my short time so far, I"ve helped to build an airport, connect individuals with financial support during the pandemic, launch an art gallery, support regional businesses, and lay the groundwork for the future of Australia's freight. I"ve learnt about freight, customs, building development approvals, national parks, acoustics, Aboriginal cultures, xml coding and even surgical operations! And I accomplished all this with only a handful of weeks where I worked more than 38 hours. It's so good to have a job that is intellectually stimulating, really helps people, and produces tangible outcomes I"ll be able to point out to my kids in years to come, that also lets me have my own life come 5pm.”

  • Tyras Wood

For me, the DITRDC Graduate Program was the perfect opportunity to put into practice my skills and academic background in a leading, dynamic and supportive workplace, following five years of Law and Media studies at University. Being able to select three fantastic placements from the plethora of exciting policy, program and corporate areas of the department was a great way to get to know the role of the APS, the work of the department, the kinds of positions on offer and possible future career paths. The DITRDC graduate experience prioritises learning and development by providing opportunities to study, learn ‘on the job", attend events and trainings, work with senior staff, and grow as a public servant. Going through this experience with 30 other graduates was a particular highlight, building lifelong friendships and professional connections that continue to enrich my life and career. I would recommend the DITRDC Graduate Program to anyone looking for a challenging, diverse and rewarding experience, and a comprehensive introduction to the public service. The DITRDC Graduate Program opens doorways to the array of opportunities available within the department, and the wider APS, and I will always be grateful that I kick-started my career with the Program.

  • Elleni Penfold

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