Career opportunity - Transport

Safe, efficient and sustainable domestic and international transport systems are vital to Australia's future. Gain exposure to strategic policy advice and help shape the framework underpinning road, rail, maritime and aviation transport in Australia.

Priorities include:

  • Supporting the Office of Road Safety in developing the next 10-year National Road Safety Strategy.
  • Coordinating the domestic consultation process for major vehicle standards development under the National Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030 as well as regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to vehicle safety.
  • Supporting motor vehicle standards development activities including the development of a standard for automated vehicles.
  • Liaising with government and industry to keep freight moving across Australia during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, including through the National Freight Movement Code.
  • Research, analysis and policy development to support a new transport reform agenda, ongoing reforms in heavy vehicle policy, reducing land transport emissions, modernisation of disability standards, and sustainable transport initiatives.
  • Developing the Future Fuel Strategy and the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy, as well as other streams of work to reduce the impact of air pollution associated with emissions from road vehicles.

If you'd like to find out more about this portfolio area, visit our Transport and Vehicles sections.

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