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Regional Development and Local Government delivers grants, coordinates proposals and provides policy advice to the Australian Government relating to regional strategic issues and microeconomic reform. We work to strengthen the sustainability, capacity and diversity of regional economies through place-based policy and program development; negotiation of local partnerships between all levels of government and local communities; and the provision of grants and other financial assistance to regional economies via local councils, non-profits and other non-government entities - supporting small community organisations to investing in transformative infrastructure projects.

Some of our key activities include: 

  • Maintaining local government economic, financial and socio-demographic data to support policy making and program development.
  • Administering the National Awards for Local Government and provide support for the ABC Heywire program.
  • Utilising regional intelligence to inform government policy making and program development.
  • Leading the development of a regional policy agenda.
  • Provide Program Management Office support to support best practice program delivery, through targeted support in governance, reporting, risk and assurance.
  • Develop and manage funding arrangements for major projects in selected regions.
  • Provide financial, human resources, business planning and co-ordination.
  • Develop and implement external stakeholder engagement strategy.

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