Career opportunity - Corporate

Our corporate areas enable us to fulfil our important work which touches the lives of all Australians. From communication services to research, legal services, finance, HR and IT, there’s a role for you.

Priorities include:

  • Influencing transport policy, commissioning targeted policy projects to address emerging and priority issues, and undertaking research and analysis to underpin decision-making across the department.
  • Providing communication services for the department including advertising campaigns, media management, communication strategy development and implementation, speechwriting, social media and video and graphic design.
  • Supporting good decision making by staff and portfolio entities by providing effective governance frameworks, processes, reporting and advice.
  • Supporting the development of policy and materials for the Federal Budget and managing the financial operations of the department.
  • Delivering IT services to keep our staff connected and overseeing web development projects. This function includes large scale information technology development to produce innovative solutions for the department, the general public and industry.
  • Providing strategic and operational advice on people related matters, including attraction, retention and recruitment of personnel, capability development, workforce planning, workforce analytics and pay and conditions, WHS and departmental cultural initiatives including diversity and inclusion.
  • Managing all facilities for our premises, including developing and implementation and accommodation strategies and projects.
  • Providing high quality, technically excellent and timely legal advice, support and services to the Department and the Department’s Executive to support business areas in the Public Law and Commercial Law space, to deliver on Departmental responsibilities, accountabilities and strategy, including to assist the Department’s business areas in their handling of Departmental legal risk.

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