Next steps for Norfolk Island services

Discussions between the Australian, Queensland, and New South Wales (NSW) Governments on arrangements for next year are progressing well.

Next week I will meet with staff at the school and at NIHRACS to provide an update on the transition work that is under way.

When meeting with the staff at NICS, I will be addressing questions and issues about the future curriculum and employment as well as answering some of the questions that have been raised to date. I will also take note of any additional concerns that the staff have.

I would like to reiterate that the Australian Government will ensure the arrangements for schooling in 2022:

  • include a strong focus on supporting senior secondary students to complete their studies
  • do not compromise the quality of education from K-12 at NICS
  • recognise the importance of Norfolk culture and language and provide for continued delivery of these studies at NICS.

While at NIHRACS I will address some of the questions staff asked around critical services at my last meeting with them and, as with NICS, I will take note of any additional concerns staff may have and feed these back to the Department.

All governments are committed to working together to minimise the impact of transition on the community. Our focus is on delivering the best possible outcome for the island into the long-term. Responses to the detailed questions already asked by both NICS and NIHRACS staff will be published on a rolling basis and it is anticipated these will start to become available from next week.

If you would like to ask any additional questions or provide feedback on education for Norfolk Island please contact us via: or for health related feedback via

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island

6 August 2021