Service Delivery Transition Update

The continuity of essential services for Norfolk Island remains a high priority for the Australian Government, with work under way to develop a successful long-term partnership for stable service delivery on the island.

Following the signing of the Heads of Agreement between the Australian and Queensland governments on 20 June 2021, outlining our intention to develop an enduring partnership to support the ongoing provision of essential services to Norfolk Island, we have commenced discussions with the Queensland and New South Wales governments to carefully plan the smooth transition of essential health and education services.

While there is further work to be done to develop and agree to formal partnership arrangements for the delivery of services post-2021, our focus is on supporting the best outcomes for the community in the short, medium and long-term.

I understand and acknowledge that this is a challenging time, particularly for students and for school staff who are looking for certainty about the future employment arrangements at Norfolk Island Central School (NICS).

Engagement has already commenced, with senior management from NICS playing an important role in supporting the intergovernmental discussions with crucial operational information about the distinct nature of the Norfolk Island school environment.

There will be future opportunity for your ongoing engagement and input into the transition process and services. This will be essential to delivering targeted, fit-for-purpose services to the island as no one understands the needs of Norfolk Island better than you, the local residents.

I will keep you updated as all governments continue to work proactively together to ensure we are best meeting the needs of the Norfolk Island community into the long-term.

In the meantime, enquiries can be directed to or

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island

15 July 2021