Next steps with state services for Norfolk Island

The announcement of the new partnership between the Australian and Queensland governments for the provision of state services to Norfolk Island is a great outcome for the community.

Please understand that this is the beginning of the process and I ask for patience as we progress this critical transition planning and establish ongoing opportunities for you to contribute.

As the formal arrangements are being developed and agreed, we are focusing on supporting your ongoing engagement and input into the transition process and future service delivery models.

Throughout the second half of 2021, the Australian, Queensland and NSW Governments will carefully plan the smooth transition of health and education services in consultation with the community to minimise disruption. Additional state services that are not currently delivered on Norfolk Island will be introduced over time and after consultation with the community. 

We again thank the NSW government for extending both health and education services to the end of 2021 to support a managed and staged transition.

We have a great deal of information from our engagement with the community to date that we can build on. The input we’ve had already through the P&C and school staff and through health consultative meetings has been invaluable to establish the principles of service delivery with Queensland.

As transition planning progresses, I will be making sure you have a say, wherever possible, in the way your essential services are delivered. Our aim is to work with you, the community, to ensure minimal disruption to our students at the school and those accessing health services as we move to new arrangements.

The Assistant Minister has asked that I continue to lead engagement, provide information and work with the Norfolk Island community as this work progresses. Further information and FAQs will be available at

In the meantime, please contact me if you have further queries.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
24 June 2021