COVID-19 vaccine roll-out to Norfolk Island

I am pleased to announce the Australian Government is commencing roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine program to Norfolk Island.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is working with the Department of Health to finalise arrangements for the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine program. This includes working with vaccine logistics partners to ensure cold chain management and secure supply.

First deliveries of the COVID vaccines to Norfolk are anticipated to occur by the end of June. I will provide a further update on the roll-out dates in the next week.

There have been no positive cases in Norfolk Island, but the roll-out of vaccines here is the next key aspect of our plan to keep the local community safe and protect everyone from COVID-19.

The Pfizer vaccine will be made available for all in the Norfolk Island community, across all age groups and categories, in recognition of our small population and its remote nature.

We appreciate your patience while the roll-out to territories is undertaken.

NIHRACS will be coordinating the COVID vaccinations program and will also be providing further information on the vaccine and timing for appointments. When specific dates are confirmed for the vaccine delivery, NIHRACS will provide residents with the registration process to support the opportunity to commence vaccination against COVID-19.

I encourage all eligible people to roll up their sleeves for vaccination as we continue to work together to protect ourselves and our community from COVID-19 and take this next important step on our road to recovery from the pandemic.

There is a range of useful information and resources about the vaccination program at:

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island

11 June 2021