Air freight solution for critical items

In response to ongoing shortages of some essential supplies on Norfolk Island, the Australian Government is providing a number of Toll air freight flights over the coming weeks to address critical animal welfare and food needs.

There are shortages of stock feed, milk and other items critical for food production on Norfolk Island due to shortfalls in the amount of sea freight which is being shipped to the island.

To alleviate these pressures, the Government is chartering special Toll flights, in addition to the Government-underwritten weekly Toll air freighter service, to transport urgently needed goods to Norfolk Island which are essential to human and animal health. These include stock feed, UHT milk, seed potatoes and fertiliser.

Each of these goods have been affected by sea freight shortages and disruptions, and sufficient supplies are critical to ensure the Island can meet resident and visitor food needs this year.

Prior to these particular air freighters, the Government also scheduled additional air freight flights throughout March, April, May and June, to assist clearing the backlog of air freight.

The Australian Government has also recently extended the contract with Toll for the ongoing provision of air freight services to Norfolk Island until 30 June 2022.

The continued availability of regular sea freight to Norfolk Island is a key priority of mine. Within the next fortnight, I will provide you with an update on options being pursued to increase sea freight capacity – including progress on the temporary landing structure at Cascade.

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island

3 June 2021