The wonders of Norfolk Island showcased

Norfolk Island’s extraordinary natural and cultural wonders are set to be featured in a series of high-profile television programs, produced by the Western Australia based Guru Productions for their “Explore TV” series.

This exciting project has been funded under the Australian Government’s $400,000 COVID-19 stimulus package for tourism promotion on Norfolk Island, showcasing Norfolk Island as a destination of outstanding beauty and rich cultural heritage to a national audience.

Filming for the series will take place on island from 7 May until 22 May, and forms part of the significant boost to tourism funding for Norfolk Island. The project and film crew are supported by Norfolk Island Tourism’s Australia and New Zealand representation company, the Unique Tourism Collection, in close collaboration with my Office

“24 things you absolutely must experience on Norfolk Island” will comprise four 30-minute episodes, each featuring six stories, including a tour of the museums and Kingston, snorkelling, golf, yoga, wine tasting and high tea, among the numerous popular activities available to the many travellers who are welcomed to Norfolk Island each year.

The programs will screen from 29 May over four weeks on Channel 9, 9Life and with Trevor Cochrane to host each episode, showcasing all the beauty and special qualities of Norfolk Island.

With borders slowly easing across Australia and the two-way Trans-Tasman flight zone in effect, now is an ideal time for Norfolk Island to strengthen and grow its domestic tourism industry, through exciting new avenues such as this partnership with Guru Productions.

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that Norfolk Island is known on the domestic and international stage as an ideal location to live, work and visit now, and into the future.

For more information on this exciting project, please contact:

Jonica Paramor, Managing Director, The Unique Tourism Collection
Telephone: +61 416 216 590

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
7 May 2021