Expression of Ideas — "The Cooker" situated at Cascade Pier

Following the information evening at Governor’s Lodge on Monday 19 April, we are looking for a community organisation or representative group to conduct an ‘Expression of Ideas’ on the future of The Cooker (previously referred to as ‘The Boiler’).

The Cooker has an important place in this history of our community, as outlined by more than 70 people who attended the information evening.

The significant community interest in The Cooker opened the door for an Expression of Ideas, with a suggestion from those in attendance that an ‘Expression of Interest’ would be too prescriptive or could not meet the needs of any future consideration of The Cooker. This suggestion followed significant community discussions around the future of the historical artefact, with many putting forward ideas as to its future. 

Any ideas from the ‘Expression of Ideas’ process will be considered alongside the submissions already received by my Office.

If you or your community organisation would like to take on this very worthwhile endeavour, please contact my office at email:

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
6 May 2021