Qantas to deliver Norfolk Island flights in coming months

The Australian Government has engaged Qantas to deliver passenger and freight air services for Norfolk Island for the next three months.

Air New Zealand remains the long-term underwritten supplier of air services to Norfolk Island. However, the current impacts of COVID-19 on Air New Zealand's crewing arrangements and service delivery, mean that this arrangement with Qantas is critical to ensure the continuity of air services to Norfolk Island.

Ensuring reliable passenger air services for Norfolk Island throughout the COVID-19 pandemic remains a key priority of the Australian Government.

Reliable air services to the Island are not only necessary for residents, business and government, but also to ensure tourists can continue to take advantage of the extraordinary natural and cultural environment of Norfolk Island.

The arrangement with Qantas comes into effect from 19 March 2021.

The current passenger flight schedule between the Australian mainland and Norfolk Island will remain, with Qantas providing six flights arriving on Norfolk Island each week, three from Brisbane and three from Sydney. Days will not change but there may be some minor adjustments to arrival and departure times. Please check for the latest Qantas flight schedule.

Passengers with an Air New Zealand booking in this three-month period will be automatically rebooked to the replacement Qantas service. During this time future bookings will be done through Qantas.

These arrangements will be reviewed after six weeks to ensure that we are providing the best possible passenger flight services to the Norfolk Island community and tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I will keep the community updated as we continue to provide essential air services to Norfolk Island.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
17 March 2021