Traffic counters in Kingston

There has been some recent interest in the traffic counters which have been installed at the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area.

These traffic counters are a routine information-gathering tool to inform improvements and the management of the World Heritage site.

They will collect accurate data on traffic movements in the area for regular analysis over the coming year.

The installation and use of the traffic counters has no relation to—or impact on—parking arrangements or site access.

The issue of traffic movements in Kingston, including concerns around traffic speeds, were raised by the Norfolk community during the consultation process for the development of the Cultural Landscape Management Plan (CLMP).

The data collected through the traffic counters will enable us to understand traffic flow and movement to ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to provide a safe environment for pedestrians and drivers.

They also provide data to determine how it is being used so that we can ensure we are best supporting use of the site.

Similar traffic data is routinely collected across most major heritage sites—including the Norfolk Island National Park.

If anyone has further queries, they are welcome to contact my Office or the heritage manager Martin Purslow (

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
16 February 2021