Air New Zealand Flights

The Australian Government is currently looking at alternative commercial solutions to return visitors to the mainland with minimal delay, following the temporary cancellation of Air New Zealand flights.

The cancelled flights follow the confirmed case of the highly contagious South African variant of COVID-19 in New Zealand on 24 January.

While I am pleased that Air New Zealand is taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of passengers and staff, I understand and acknowledge that this sudden change in circumstances is a cause of uncertainty and concern for visitors who had planned to depart the island on a now-cancelled flight.

I would like to assure visitors and the community alike that the Australian Government is investigating all viable options to get visitors home. While an alternative arrangement may take some days to put in place, I ask for your patience and understanding while we find the best possible solution for everyone concerned.

For those who have an urgent need to return to the mainland, please contact my office on telephone number: 22152, and leave your details—including name and best contact number—so that we can contact you as soon as we have finalised a viable alternative.

I also understand that there are concerns amongst some visitors about the ongoing availability of medicine and medical care.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are either running out of medication or need medical care, please go to the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service on Grassy Road, whose expert staff will be able to provide you with emergency and medical care and treatment.

I would like to reiterate that the health and wellbeing of all Australian residents—including visitors currently on Norfolk Island—is the primary concern of the Australian Government and that we are doing all we can to expedite the process of getting you home.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
28 January 2021